HP Pro 290 G9 Core i7-12700 8GB RAM 1TB HDD Storage Intel UHD Graphics 730 Plus Keyboard Mouse & HP P204v 19.5″ Monitor

  • Model: HP Pro 290 G9
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-12700
  • Processor Generation: 12th Generation
  • Number of Cores: 8
  • Number of Threads: 16
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 1TB HDD
  • Graphics: Integrated Intel UHD Graphics


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HP Pro 290 G9 Core i7-12700 8GB RAM 1TB HDD

HP Pro 290 G9 Price in Kenya is Kshs. 115,000. It is a powerful and reliable desktop computer designed to meet the demanding needs of professionals. Powered by the 12th generation Intel Core i7-12700 processor, this desktop delivers exceptional performance for tasks ranging from content creation to data analysis. With its 8GB of RAM and 1TB HDD storage, it offers a perfect balance of multitasking capability and ample space for your files.

Additionally, it is equipped with integrated Intel UHD Graphics, multiple USB and display ports, and wireless connectivity options, the HP Pro 290 G9 ensures seamless connectivity and efficient productivity. Whether you’re working on complex projects or running resource-intensive applications, this desktop is built to handle it all. Experience reliability, power, and performance with the HP Pro 290 G9.


Specification Description
Model HP Pro 290 G9
Processor Intel Core i7-12700
Processor Generation 12th Generation
Number of Cores 8
Number of Threads 16
Storage 1TB HDD
Graphics Integrated Intel UHD Graphics
Optical Drive Not included
Wireless Connectivity Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), Bluetooth
Ethernet Connectivity Gigabit Ethernet
USB Ports 6 x USB Type-A, 2 x USB Type-C
Display Ports 1 x VGA, 1 x HDMI
Audio Integrated Audio


The HP Pro 290 G9 is a desktop features a powerful Intel Core i7-12700 processor, which is part of the 12th generation Intel Core lineup. The Core i7-12700 is a high-performance processor with eight cores and sixteen threads, making it suitable for demanding tasks such as content creation, video editing, and data analysis.

The computer comes with 8GB of RAM, which is a decent amount for general multitasking and running multiple applications simultaneously. However, if you plan on running memory-intensive applications or virtual machines, you might consider upgrading the RAM for better performance.

For storage, the HP Pro 290 G9 includes a 1TB hard disk drive (HDD). The HDD offers a large amount of storage space for your files, documents, and multimedia. However, compared to solid-state drives (SSDs), HDDs are generally slower in terms of read and write speeds. If you prioritize faster performance, you may want to consider adding an SSD or opting for a configuration that includes an SSD as the primary storage device.

Overall, the HP Pro 290 G9 is a reliable desktop computer that combines a powerful processor with a decent amount of RAM and a large storage capacity. It is suitable for a variety of professional tasks, such as office work, software development, and light to moderate content creation.


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