HPE ProLiant ML30 Gen10 Plus Intel Xeon E-2314, 16GB UDIMM DDR4 3200 2TB HDD

Processor core available: 4 core

Processor cache: 8 MB Intel® Smart Cache

Processor name: Intel® Xeon® E-2314 (4 core, 2.8 GHz, 8 MB Intel® Smart Cache, 65W)

Processor number: 1 processor included

Processor speed: 2.8 GHz

Memory type: HPE DDR4 Standard Memory

Memory, standard: 16 GB (1x 16 GB) UDIMM

Included hard drives: None ship standard, 4 LFF supported

Power supply type: 1x HPE ML30 Gen10 350W Gold FIO Power Supply Kit

Expansion slots: 4, for detailed descriptions refer to the QuickSpecs

Network controller: Embedded 1Gb 2-Port Ethernet Adapter

Storage controller: Intel® VROC SATA (formerly known as Intel® RSTe)

System fan features: 1x non-hot plug non-redundant system fan

Form factor: 4U Tower

Detailed product description: HPE ProLiant ML30 Gen10 Plus tower server with one Intel® Xeon® E-2314 processor, 16 GB memory, 4 large form factor non-hot-plug chassis, and one 350W non-hot-plug power supply

DIMM capacity: 16 GB UDIMM


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HPE ProLiant ML30 Gen10+ Server (P44718-421)

The HPE ProLiant ML30 Gen10 Plus is a tower server designed for small to medium-sized businesses, offering reliability and performance for various workloads. Here’s a breakdown of its key specifications:

  1. Form Factor: Tower server – This means it is designed to be positioned vertically like a desktop tower, making it suitable for office environments where space may be a consideration.
  2. Processor: Intel Xeon E-2314 – The Intel Xeon E-2314 is a server-grade processor known for its performance and stability. Xeon processors are designed to handle demanding workloads and provide features like error-correcting code (ECC) memory support for enhanced reliability.
  3. Memory (RAM): 16GB – The server is equipped with 16 gigabytes of RAM. Sufficient RAM is crucial for multitasking and handling concurrent processes. In a server environment, having an adequate amount of RAM ensures smooth operation and responsiveness, especially when dealing with server applications and services.
  4. Storage: 2TB HDD – The server is configured with a 2-terabyte hard disk drive (HDD) for storage. This provides ample space for data storage and retrieval. However, it’s worth noting that HDDs are generally slower than solid-state drives (SSDs) in terms of data access speed. Depending on the specific needs of the server, users might consider adding SSDs for faster performance, especially for applications that require quick data access.

Overall, the HPE ProLiant ML30 Gen10 Plus with an Intel Xeon E-2314 processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 2TB HDD is a robust solution for businesses requiring a reliable and scalable server for their computing needs. It can handle a variety of workloads, from basic office tasks to more demanding applications in a server environment.


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