Vertiv VP7551 Geist rPDU, basic, 0U, input IEC60309 230V 16A, outputs (20)C13 | (4)C19- VP7551

  • Capacity: 16 A
  • Input Voltage: IEC60309 1ph/N/PE, 230 V
  • Output Voltage: 230 V
  • Output Options: 20xC13 | 4xC19
  • Location: 0U (Rack)


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Vertiv Geist rPDU, basic, 0U, input IEC60309 230V 16A, outputs (20)C13 | (4)C19- VP7551

The Vertiv Geist Basic Rack PDU is an essential component for power distribution in IT environments, designed to provide reliable electricity distribution within server racks. It is part of the Vertiv Geist Rack PDU family, serving as the entry-level solution for this product line. The main features of this PDU include:

  1. Capacity: It can handle a maximum current of 16 A, which makes it suitable for powering various devices and equipment within a server rack.
  2. Input Voltage: The PDU takes input power from an IEC60309 1-phase (single-phase) connection with the following specifications: 230 V.
  3. Output Voltage: The output voltage provided by the PDU is 230 V, ensuring that the connected devices receive a stable power supply.
  4. Output Options: The PDU offers a combination of output receptacles, specifically 20xC13 and 4xC19. These receptacles are standard types commonly used for connecting power cords to various IT equipment.
  5. Location: The PDU is designed to be mounted at 0U (Rack Unit) within a server rack. This means it occupies zero vertical space within the rack, making it efficient in terms of space utilization.

The Vertiv Geist Basic Rack PDU is a cost-effective solution for basic power distribution needs in IT environments. It ensures that connected equipment receives a stable power supply, helping to maintain the reliability and performance of critical systems within the rack. Its competitive price point makes it a suitable choice for organizations looking for a straightforward and dependable power distribution solution.


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