JBL PartyBox 1000

  • Dimensions: 1050 x 397 x 390 mm
  • Power Output: 1100 W
  • Frequency Response: 30 – 20,000 Hz
  • Weight: 34.7 kg
  • Bluetooth: version 4.1
  • Lighting effects: RGB LED
  • Colour: Black

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JBL PartyBox 1000

The JBL PartyBox 1000 Price in Keny is Kshs. 155,000. It is a powerful and feature-packed portable party speaker designed to provide an immersive audio experience for parties and events. It’s part of JBL’s PartyBox series and is known for its impressive sound quality and dynamic lighting effects. Here’s a detailed description of the JBL PartyBox 1000, along with its technical specifications:

JBL PartyBox 1000 Specifications:

Audio Output
Maximum Output Power 1100 Watts
High-frequency driver Dual 2.25-inch tweeters
Low-frequency driver Dual 12-inch woofers
Frequency Response 30Hz – 20kHz
Audio Inputs
Bluetooth Yes (Wireless Streaming)
USB Yes (USB Drive Playback)
AUX Input Yes (External Device Connection)
Mic/Guitar Input Yes (Individual Volume Control)
RCA Input Yes (Audio Source Connection)
DJ Pad Included
Party Lights Built-in Light Show (Multiple Modes/Colors, Music Sync)
Battery No (AC Power Required)
Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth
Portability Built-in Handles and Wheels
Dimensions (H x W x D) 41.3″ x 15.6″ x 15.5″ (1050mm x 398mm x 396mm)
Weight Approximately 77.2 lbs (35 kg)
Additional Features Bass Boost, TWS (True Wireless Stereo), USB Charging

Description: The JBL PartyBox 1000 is a substantial and visually striking portable speaker system built to elevate any party or gathering to the next level. Its design includes a robust enclosure with built-in handles and wheels for easy transport. The speaker features a plethora of audio inputs and outputs, a DJ pad, and a dazzling LED light show that syncs with the music for a complete party atmosphere.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Audio Output:
    • Maximum Output Power: 1100 Watts
    • High-frequency driver: Dual 2.25-inch tweeters
    • Low-frequency driver: Dual 12-inch woofers
    • Frequency Response: 30Hz – 20kHz
  2. Audio Inputs:
    • Bluetooth: Yes, with wireless streaming capability
    • USB: Yes, for playing music directly from a USB drive
    • AUX Input: Yes, for connecting external devices like MP3 players or smartphones
    • Mic/Guitar Input: Yes, with individual volume control for karaoke or musical performances
    • RCA Input: Yes, for connecting other audio sources
  3. DJ Pad:
    • The JBL PartyBox 1000 comes equipped with a DJ pad that allows you to create various sound effects, loop tracks, and scratch like a DJ.
  4. Party Lights:
    • The speaker features a built-in light show with multiple lighting modes and colors. The lights sync with the music, enhancing the party atmosphere.
  5. Battery:
    • The PartyBox 1000 is primarily designed for stationary use and doesn’t have a built-in rechargeable battery. It needs to be plugged into an AC power source.
  6. Wireless Connectivity:
    • Bluetooth connectivity allows for wireless streaming from compatible devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  7. Portability:
    • The speaker comes with built-in handles and durable wheels for easy transportation.
  8. Dimensions (H x W x D):
    • Approximately 41.3″ x 15.6″ x 15.5″ (1050mm x 398mm x 396mm)
  9. Weight:
    • Approximately 77.2 lbs (35 kg)
  10. Additional Features:
    • Bass Boost: Enhance low-frequency response for deep, powerful bass.
    • Mic and Guitar Inputs: Perfect for karaoke and live performances.
    • TWS (True Wireless Stereo): Pair two PartyBox 1000 speakers for stereo sound.
    • USB Charging: Can charge your devices via the USB port.

The JBL PartyBox 1000 is a versatile and high-powered speaker that can turn any gathering into a lively party with its impressive audio output, dynamic lighting effects, and DJ features. Whether you’re hosting a house party, outdoor event, or karaoke night, the PartyBox 1000 is designed to provide an immersive and memorable audio-visual experience.


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