Nigachi NC-35 Currency Counting Machine with Detection

  • Counting Functionality: Accurate and rapid banknote counting.
  • Counterfeit Detection: UV, MG, IR, and CIS detection methods.
  • Display: Digital screen for total count and denomination.
  • Usage: Suitable for banks, retail, currency exchange, and casinos.
  • Security: Password protection, lockable cash trays, tamper-evident seals.
  • Size: Compact and desk-friendly design.
  • Power: Typically AC mains powered.
  • Compatibility: Handles various currency types and denominations.
  • Capacity: Accommodates stacks of banknotes for efficient counting.


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Nigachi NC-35 Currency Counting Machine with Detection

The Nigachi NC-35 Currency Counting Machine with Detection Price in Kenya is Kshs. 28,000. It is a specialized device designed for accurately counting and detecting counterfeit currency. Here’s a detailed description of this machine:

Nigachi NC-35 Currency Counting Machine Specifications:

Specification Value
Counting Speed ≥ 1000 pcs/min
Hopper Size 50mm x 110mm or 90mm x 180mm
Dimensions 300mm x 265mm x 175mm
Net Weight 5.1kg
Size of Carton 675mm x 380mm x 270mm (2pcs)
Gross Weight 13.7kg (2pcs)
Power Supply AC230V ± 10% 50Hz ± 5% or AC120V ± 10% 60Hz ± 5%
Power Consumption ≤ 70W
Hopper Capacity 300pcs
Stacker Capacity 200pcs
  1. Appearance: The Nigachi NC-35 is typically a compact and sleek machine that fits well on a desk or counter. It is often designed in a rectangular shape with a user-friendly interface on the front panel.
  2. Functionality:
    • Currency Counting: The primary function of the NC-35 is to count banknotes efficiently. Users can feed a stack of bills into the machine, and it will rapidly count and display the total value on its digital screen. This feature is especially useful for businesses and financial institutions that deal with large amounts of cash.
    • Detection: The Nigachi NC-35 is equipped with advanced detection technologies to identify counterfeit or suspicious banknotes. These detection methods may include UV (Ultraviolet) detection, MG (Magnetic) detection, IR (Infrared) detection, and CIS (Contact Image Sensor) detection. These features help ensure that only genuine currency is counted and detected, providing security against counterfeit bills.
    • Batch and Add Functions: Many currency counting machines, including the NC-35, offer batch and add functions. Users can preset a specific batch size, and the machine will automatically stop counting once that number is reached. The add function allows users to continuously count bills without resetting the machine after each batch.
    • Display and Controls: The machine typically has a digital display screen that shows the total count and denomination. It also features user-friendly control buttons or a touchpad for setting various counting parameters and functions.
  3. Usage: The Nigachi NC-35 is commonly used in banks, retail stores, casinos, currency exchange offices, and other businesses where cash handling is frequent. Its ability to accurately count and detect counterfeit money helps streamline operations and maintain financial integrity.
  4. Security Features: Besides its counterfeit detection capabilities, the machine may also have additional security features like password protection, lockable cash trays, and tamper-evident seals to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the security of counted cash.
  5. Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential to keep the NC-35 functioning accurately. This may involve cleaning the sensors, updating the counterfeit detection software, and ensuring the machine’s overall cleanliness.

In summary, the Nigachi NC-35 Currency Counting Machine with Detection is a valuable tool for businesses that handle cash regularly. Its ability to count and verify the authenticity of banknotes can help save time, improve accuracy, and protect against counterfeit currency.


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