Hitachi iH-110 Series Cash Counting and Sorting Machine

  • Currency Compatibility: More than 40 currencies, up to 16 currencies in Mix & Multi mode
  • Operating Speed: Value Counting with counterfeit detection – Max 1300 NPM; Fitness sorting with counterfeit detection – Max 1000 NPM
  • Pocket Capacity: Hopper – Max 500/1000 notes; Reject Pocket – 60 notes (Max 100 notes); Stacker – 200 notes (Max 300 notes)
  • Display: 4.3” Full Color LCD Touch Screen
  • Modes: Mix, Different Denomination, Count, Serial No., Fitness, etc.
  • Dimensions: Vary based on model, ranging from 300 x 320 x 315mm to 300 x 320 x 345mm
  • Weight: Varies based on model, ranging from 13kg to 14.5kg
  • Interface: LAN(Giga), USB(H), USB(S), RS232C x 2
  • Power Supply: 100 ~ 240V ±10%, 1.2A ~ 0.6A, 50/60Hz
  • Sensor Info: Full Color dual CIS, Full line magnetic sensor, Thickness(Tape) /Double detection sensor, UV Reflection, Transmission, Fluorescence
  • Options: External LCD display, OSD (On Screen Display – Video surveillance system), Thermal printer

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Hitachi iH-110 Series Cash Counting and Sorting Machine

The Hitachi iH-110 Series is a versatile and technologically advanced currency processing solution designed for various industries such as bank branches, casinos, exchange offices, public offices, retailers, and cash centers. Packed with a range of features, the iH-110 Series offers efficient and reliable currency processing capabilities.

Hitachi iH-110 Series Specifications:

Specification Details
Currency Compatibility More than 40 currencies, up to 16 currencies (Mix & Multi)
Operating Speed – Value Counting with counterfeit detection: Max 1300 NPM (Note per minute) (Depends on currency) <br> – Fitness sorting with counterfeit detection: Max 1000 NPM (Note per minute) (Depends on currency)
Capture and Record OCR, MICR, Tickets, etc. <br> Full color image with OCR
Pocket Capacity Hopper: Max 500 Notes (iH-110/iH-110S/iH-110B) <br> Hopper: Max 1000 Notes (iH-110F/iH-110FS) <br> Reject Pocket: 60 notes (Max 100 notes) <br> Stacker: 200 notes (Max 300 notes)
Display 4.3” Full Color LCD Touch Screen
Modes Mix (Face, Orientation) / Different Denomination (Face, Orientation) / Count / Serial No. / Fitness / etc
Dimensions (W/D/H) iH-110/iH-110S/iH-110B: 300 x 320 x 315mm <br> iH-110F/iH-110FS: 300 x 320 x 345mm
Weight iH-110/iH-110S/iH-110B: 13kg <br> iH-110F/iH-110FS: 14.5kg
Interface LAN (Giga), USB (H), USB (S), RS232C x 2
Power Supply 100 ~ 240V ±10%, 1.2A ~ 0.6A, 50/60Hz
Sensor Information Full Color dual CIS: 8 Images, IR transmission, IR reflection, RGB <br> Full line magnetic sensor (16 Channel) <br> Thickness (Tape) / Double detection sensor (12 Channel / 2 Channel) <br> UV Reflection (4 Channel), Transmission (4 Channel), Fluorescence (4 Channel)
Options External LCD display / OSD (On Screen Display: Video surveillance system) / Thermal printer

Hitachi iH-110 Series Description:

  1. High-speed Image Processing Technologies: The iH-110 Series incorporates cutting-edge image processing technologies, ensuring swift and accurate processing of currency notes.
  2. Full Color Dual CIS: Equipped with a Full Color Dual Contact Image Sensor (CIS), this series captures high-quality color images of currency notes. This feature aids in precise identification, verification, and record-keeping.
  3. Capture and Record of OCR, MICR, and Barcode: The system is capable of capturing and recording various information from currency notes, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR), and barcode data. This enhances the system’s ability to handle and document currency transactions.
  4. Deposit Full Color Images: It can capture and record full-color images of currency notes, allowing for detailed visual records of transactions.
  5. Multi-Currency Compatibility: The iH-110 Series supports more than 40 currencies and offers a Mix & Multi currency mode. This mode enables the counting and automatic recognition of mixed currencies.
  6. Advanced Sensor Technologies: The series is equipped with a range of counterfeit detection technologies, ensuring that counterfeit or fraudulent currency notes are identified accurately.
  7. Reliable Fitness Sorting: The iH-110 Series offers reliable fitness sorting, ensuring that only fit and genuine currency notes are included in the final count.
  8. Excellent Tape Detection Performance: The system excels in detecting tape on currency notes, contributing to the accuracy of currency processing.
  9. Remote Monitoring System by ‘SIM’: The system can be remotely monitored using the SIM link, enhancing operational oversight and management.
  10. User-Friendly System: The system features a 4.3” full-color touch screen that provides an intuitive interface for users. It offers a Teller mode indicator and Multi-user mode, making it suitable for different operational scenarios.
  11. Easy Maintenance: The system’s user-friendly design extends to maintenance, ensuring that upkeep tasks are simple and efficient.


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