VR Rack – VR3150 Rack 42U

  • Type: Networking Rack
  • U Height: 42U
  • Door Type: Single perforated front door and split rear doors
  • Material / Finish: Steel Construction / Powder Coated
  • Weight: 357.1 lbs (162 kgs)
  • Height: 78.6 in (2000 mm)
  • Width: 31.5 in (800 mm)
  • Depth: 47.8 in (1100 mm)
  • Load Rating: 1360kg Static, 1022kg Dynamic
  • Test Certificates: EIA 310E, UL2416, RoHS, and REACH


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VR Rack – VR3150 42U

Introducing the VR3150 by Vertiv, a comprehensive networking rack solution designed to meet the demands of modern data centers and network infrastructure. This 42U high-performance rack offers a host of features that make it an ideal choice for organizations seeking efficiency, reliability, and scalability.

Product Overview:

Type (Rack or Containment): The VR3150 is a high-quality networking rack, built to house and protect critical equipment with the utmost care.

U Height: With a towering 42U height, this rack provides ample space for your essential hardware components.

Door Type: The VR3150 features a single perforated locking front door that ensures proper ventilation and security. Additionally, the split 77% perforated locking rear doors enhance accessibility and cooling.

Physical Characteristics:

Material / Finish: Constructed from robust steel and coated with a durable powder finish, the VR3150 boasts durability and a professional look that complements any environment.

Weight: Weighing in at 357.1 lbs (162 kgs), this rack is engineered to support your equipment securely.

Height: Standing at 78.6 inches (2000 mm), the VR3150 maximizes vertical space utilization while remaining manageable.

Width: With a width of 31.5 inches (800 mm), this rack strikes a balance between accommodating your hardware and fitting into standard spaces.

Depth: The depth of 47.8 inches (1100 mm) provides ample room for equipment, ensuring your setup needs are met.

Power Description:

Load Rating: The VR3150 can handle a static load of up to 1360kg and a dynamic load of up to 1022kg, ensuring stability and security for your valuable equipment.

Test Certificates: The VR3150 meets industry standards, boasting certifications including EIA 310E, UL2416, RoHS, and REACH, providing peace of mind about its quality and compliance.

Comprehensive Hardware Kit:

All Vertiv VR racks, including the VR3150, come complete with a hardware kit that ensures hassle-free installation and efficient cable management. The kit includes 50 M6 cage nuts and screws, a cage nut installation tool, edge protection for top panel cable entry, a T30 / Phillips L key, and a T30 extension driver. Additionally, you’ll find two sets of 19” EIA rails and two full-height rack PDU Mounting/cable management brackets (one per side) to enhance organization and flexibility.

Built for Versatility and Stability:

The VR3150 features low-profile casters and leveling feet, making it easy to move and position within your facility. Baying brackets and bolt-down brackets further enhance stability and allow for seamless expansion.

Choose the Vertiv VR3150 for a top-tier networking rack that combines functionality, robustness, and scalability to meet the evolving demands of your mission-critical deployments.


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