Handboss Universal Foam Cleaning Agent

  • Brand: Handboss
  • Product name: Universal Foam Cleaning Agent
  • Product Code: FH-HB016
  • Volume: 650ml
  • Designed For: Computers, Mobiles, Laptops


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Hand boss foam cleaner spray

The Handboss Universal Foam Cleaning Agent price in Kenya is Ksh 550. The Hand boss Universal Foam Cleaning contains a chemical agent with quick infiltration and cleaning properties for intense earth evacuating execution. It is not dangerous to humans but hostile to microbial and freshening-up operators can be utilized on surfaces of machines, metals, plastic, and different office hardware including PCs, photocopy machines, printers, inside and outside surfaces of auto and industry machines, furniture, floor, and clay items. This item is made of regular surface dynamic specialist which separates from the crude material of unique halobis. It has plant quintessence with intense cleaning properties, refined by logical handling with qualities of ecological assurance, sterilization, and non-lethal.

Hand boss foam cleaner spray features

  • Apply on the surface of machine, on Metals, Surface of different office supplies Including PC, duplicate machine and printer, and so forth.
  • The item is mostly made of normal surface dynamic operator with quick infiltration and cleaning property and intense soil evacuating execution.
  • Apply propelled innovation, contain non-poisonous and hostile to microbial.
  • Free of phosphor and hurtful natural solvable to evacuate creature and plant oil, ointment and so forth.
  • It is additional material for water burn, bitumen, ink and carbon powder.
  • A lot of froth, high bond, helpful for washing.
  • It creates an exquisite scent in the wake of utilizing.



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